Amber Retreat & Above The Tickle, Twillingate, Newfoundland

Did you know ...

The name Twillingate comes from the French word "Toulinquet" which was given to the islands by French fishermen, who named them after a group of islands off the French coast, near Brest, also called Toulinquet.

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Route 340 Film Festival

Route 340 Film Festival is pleased to offer its first mini festival in conjunction with the St. John's International Women's Film Festival under their Films on the Go program.

23 November

See a documentary and a selection of short films, hot off the reel from the 2013 St. John's Film Festival.
Venue:  Anchor Inn Hotel Meeting Room
Times:  4:00 pm and 7:00 pm
Tickets: $8 for one screening and $12 for both the afternoon and evening screenings. Available at Hotel Reception and at the door.
Special Offer: Bring your movie pass and get a 10% discount on your meal at Georgie's Restaurant on the 23rd.

Ticket proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross Philippines Typhoon Relief Fund

Screening 1:  4:00 pm

Village at the End of the World

Denmark/UK/Greenland, 2012)
Directors: Sarah Gavron, David Katznelson
Run time: 82 minutes

A documentary by Sarah Gavron  David Katznelson.  In Miaqornet, Greenland, the fish plant has closed and the community is in awkward transition from the past to the harsh reality of now.  How will the  village survive and what kind of life does it offer its young people?

The end of the world, in this case, is Niaqornet in north west Greenland. Newfoundlanders will feel an affinity: the fish plant has closed and the community is in awkward transition from the past to the harsh reality of now. How will the village survive and what kind of life does it offer its young people?

Filmmaker Gavron totally immersed herself in the community for a year and so this documentary is strikingly intimate. While it is about a particularly remote place it is also about all communities everywhere. The 21st century promises urban growth and small town struggle; here we are talking teeny weeny village. The landscape, however, is very large. Enormous icebergs form majestic backdrops to the theatre of the everyday. The film tracks a few characters closely, notably Lars, who is connected not to the land or its past but to the now of virtual reality. He sends his time on Facebook and imagines a life far from the smallness of home. Also notable is Illannguaq who empties waste from the villagers’ homes every morning with the precision of a clockmaker.

This is a world beset by extreme temperatures and startling beauty, but as Greenland’s ice sheet melts and the villagers turn their backs on hunting one wonders whether this documentary will be a lasting legacy of a world that no longer exists.


Screening 2:  7:00 pm

The Pamplemousse

The Pampelmousse

Director: Johnathan Watton
Producers: Mika Collins, Sonia Despars
Writers: Mike Collins, Johnathan Watton
Run time: 9 minutes


Director: Mark O'Brien
Producers: Mark I'Brien, Katie Boland
Writer: Katie Boland
Run time: 13 minutes

Our first visual in SWEETIEFACE is the back of a young man’s head, which is appropriate for a film about a man who just can’t show the woman with vodka sodas his true self. A relatable and true story about a young man and a young woman who explore every aspect of relationships except their own desire for one another - he does so haltingly and cautiously, while she fakes bold - SWEETIEFACE is gorgeously shot and expertly acted.

Director: Samantha Friedman
Producer: Samantha Friedman
Writer: Samantha Friedman
Run time: 3 minutes

MooseDateTrailer from Sam B. Friedman on Vimeo.

This animated short has been to so many festivals this year it’s got tire marks. Morris (who else?) is a large and awkward beast, to be sure. Preparing for a hot date with an internet hook-up, he stumbles from one near catastrophic task to another. Will the evening turn out for the better? Well, you know what they say about males with big antlers, don’t you?

Newcomers Swim, Every Friday

Director: Meghna Halda
Producer: Meghna Halda
Writer: Shana Myara
Run time: 9 minutes

Did you know that the proportion of swimming accidents is greater in immigrant families? This utterly charming short drama takes the premise and dives right in. Aisha and her family are new to the new world and determined to adjust. No sinking, all swimming here, as Canadian filmmaker Haldar balances her subject most elegantly.

Incident At Elysian Fields

Incident at the Elysian Fields

Director: Judy Holm
Producer: Judy Holm
Writer: Judy Holm
Run time: 9 minutes

Ever wonder what happened to aging models? All the surgical work in the world doesn’t help anyone over 50 in that biz, let’s face it. The runway was meant for those who can pirouette without bunions. But some models refuse to fade away. They do fashion shows in senior residences. If that sounds depressing don’t fret. A trio of skilled actors, including Mary Walsh, know how to take the stage when they have to. 

A Walk In The Woods

Director: Tess Martin
Producer: Tess Martin
Writer: Tess Martin
Run time: 1 minute

It only takes a minute but you’ll be magically transported to a place of familiar enchantment. Nothing like a walk in the woods to get the imagination going.

Talus & Scree

Talus & Scree

Director: Ruth Lawrence
Producer: Krysta Rudofsky
Writer: Ruth Lawrence
Run time: 11 minutes

Local multi-tasker Ruth Lawrence’s latest short film is a lovely drama that captures the heavy doubts of childhood. The title takes its inspiration from different sized rocks. These are, indeed, at the core of this beautifully wrought story about two sisters, and especially the one whose memory endures. Congratulations to Ruth for delivering another big piece of her heart. 

Partly Cloudy

Director: Mark Cogan
Producer: Amanda Ferriter
Writer: Mark Cogan
Run time: 15 minutes

This is the second film in a trilogy by multi-award-winning Irish filmmaker Mark Cogan. Cogan’s first installment, HEART, won best screenplay in the 2010 Underground Cinema Awards and PARTLY CLOUDY has followed suit and then some: it picked up the Underground Cinema Awards for Best Director, Best Independent Film and Best Actress. PARTLY CLOUDY is a wry, hilarious look at Fiona and her struggles being a bridesmaid for her highly demanding sister, Gillian. Don’t let the title fool you -- there are bright skies ahead for Cogan and his films.

Miss Todd

Director: Kristina Yee
Producers: Suzanne Mayger
Writer: Frances Poletti, Kristina Yee
Run time: 13 minutes

There’s ingenuity here on every level. This gorgeous animated film is a short, stop-motion, musical animation about the first woman in the world to build and design an airplane. There is something utterly magical way about how the scrupulously crafted images of this tale pile up to celebrate Miss Todd’s own transformational mission—as hypnotic as flying was for the intrepid Miss Todd.