Amber Retreat & Above The Tickle, Twillingate, Newfoundland

Did you know ...

August is a great time to visit Twillingate and do a whale watching boat tour.  Enjoy Twillingate's coastal hiking and pick raspberries on your way.

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Berry Picking

It is September and berries are ready to be picked everywhere in Twillingate.  Picking these delicious little fruit make for a wonderful adventure, providing a harvest that can be turned into scrumptious fresh jams, sauces, pastries, pies, muffins and more.

Bakeapples (Cloudberries)

First to ripen, are the bakeapples (or cloudberries). These yellow grape-like berries grow in the bogs and wetlands and are ready for picking in late July and August. Picking spots are well-kept secrets that a friendly local may be willing to divulge.


Blueberries are truly abundant in the area late August and early September. If you want a truly organic crop, this is it. A day in the fresh air and sun delivers great reward with bucketfuls of berries that can be enjoyed fresh or frozen.

Partridge berries

These bright red, tart berries are last to ripen in September and make great jams and muffins.

Berry Wines

Visit Auk Island Winery to taste and buy unique wines made with Newfoundland berries and pure iceberg water.  Individual and group tours can be arranged by calling 1-(877) 639-4637 

The winery is on the main road to Durrell (Durrell Street) in what was formerly the community’s elementary school building.