Amber Retreat & Above The Tickle, Twillingate, Newfoundland

Did you know ...

Twillingate has 232 recorded root cellars to explore and photograph.  Dr. John Satterberg published a book called Root Cellars of Twillingate.

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Theatre & Festival

An invitation to a local traditional kitchen party is as much, if not more, fun than the variety of summer dinner theatre, music and festivals offer. Newfoundlanders are known for their musical talent, creativity and hospitality.

Fathom Theatre 

Fathom Theatre is a new young Twillingate theatre production company that is preparing its productions for its first summer season  Shows will take place at Captain's Pub at the Anchor Inn Hotel.

Fish Fun and Folk Festival

The Fish Fun and Folk Festival is a highlight on the region's summer calendar. This year we will celebrate the 32nd Fish Fun and Folk Festival from July 22 to July 28, 2013. The calendar of events is not completed just yet so keep an eye on the web for details.

All Around the Circle Dinner Theatre

Experience summer dinner theatre with local fare, music and skits in the with All Around the Circle Dinner Theatre in Crow Head Community Centre.  A group of seven Newfoundlanders offer their talents six nights a week in summer and also serves you a traditional meal with homemade vegetable beef soup, a fish dish, fresh vegetables and homemade bread rolls. 

Open from June to September 6 p.m. Monday to Saturday.  

The Split Peas at Touton House (Orange Lodge)

The Split Peas have been entertaining audiences in Newfoundland and has been featured on CBCs “Land and Sea” and more. 2013 is their 20th anniversary! Enjoy their wonderful harmony and traditional sound with toutons and tea. (Toutons are traditional fried dough favourites).

Every Tuesday and Thursday from  June to  August at 7 p.m.   

Backroom Sessions

Backroom Sessions are hosted by Ada Piercey-Jenkins and accompanied by Barry Simms & Robin Vatcher.

Enjoy a relaxing evening of easy-listening music in a coffeehouse atmosphere with special guest appearances by local musicians. Ada'a music as been enthusiastically described as a fusion of blues and jazz, driven by powerful lyrics and undeniable passion. She also covers a variety of tunes by some of her favorite artists.

Every Saturday at 8 pm.

Irene Bridger: Kitchen Party

Irene Bridger is a talented and award-winning gospel singer from Twillingate. Irene offers a Kitchen Party every Wednesday evening at the Orange Lodge at 7 pm. 

Cameron Hall

Eleanor Stockley, known for her musicals Smallwood and Georgie, produces an authentic Newfoundland musical every year. Shows for 2013 have not yet been annouced.

Shows every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.