Amber Retreat & Above The Tickle, Twillingate, Newfoundland

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Learn about Twillingate Island's Beothuk history at the Boyds' Cove Beothuk Interpretation Centre.

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Hospital Pond Walking Trail

Difficulty: Easy

Hospital Pond Walking Trail and Swimming Pond TwillingateThis popular paved trail around Hospital Pond provides a 1 1/3km walk with it's beautiful gazebos and benches and the many varieties of flowers and shrubs. For many locals, this walk is part of an active lifestyle routine.

As its name indicates, the hike starts at Twillingate Hospital. Read this blog post from T.A. Loeffler with its map and photos that describes her hiking experience on Hospital Pond Trail.

The Hospital Pond Committee is responsible for the beautiful development that has happened around the pond: a swimming facility, water fountain, numerous flower boxes and planters and benches and also interpretive panels telling the story of the hospital and other history.

A family and pet friendly walk! In summer kids love swimming here on a warm day.  Bring a picnic and spread a blanket on the lawn.  Enjoy the hard work of the committee that takes care of this beautiful trail.

Donald Gates Memorial Dog Park TwillingateRecently a dog park has been added: The Donald Gates Memorial Dog Park. Here the pooches make friends within a safely fenched park dog area.