Amber Retreat & Above The Tickle, Twillingate, Newfoundland

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Twillingate has a wide variety if wild flowers and berries, many of which are edible.

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House Haul


Twillingate House Haul 2011

In the earlier part of the 20th century a home being floated across the oean to be relocated elsewhere was no unusual site.  However, current generations recently had the opportunity to experience this event for the first time.

A store that was once owned by merchants such as the Howletts, Ealres and Ashbournes and is claimed to be more than 100 years old. It was donated to the Isles Wooden Boat Building Committee by its more recent owner, Mr. Danny Bath with the pre-condition was that the building be moved from Mr Bath's property. 

The Isles Wooden Boat Building Committee set to work and organized a traditional house haul for July 2011 where the building was to be floated from Gillesport in Durrell, Twillingate around Long Point Lighthouse to Snellin's Cove from where it would be hauled during a community event to its location behind the Twillingate Museum.

This all happened in Jul 2011 as one of the main attractions during that year's Fish Fun and Folk Festival. Thanks to social media this event was very well documented online.

During the next year the Committee continued restoration work with the help of volunteers.  The interior is planned t

o be restored to its original form. Good progress was made in 2012 and this work continues.

The plan is to establish a boat building museum with live demonstrations, workshops and education to show visitors the traditional art of building boats.




House Haul Heritage Restoration Twillingate

 Twillingate House Haul Restoration Project

House Haul In Twillingate Restoration 

 House Haul in Twillingate Restoration

  House Haul in Twillingate Restoration