Amber Retreat & Above The Tickle, Twillingate, Newfoundland

Did you know ...

May and June are generally the best months for viewing icebergs in Twillingate. Twillingate has three boat tour companies that will take you on an iceberg or whale watching excursion, departing 3 times a day.

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Things to Do in Twillingate this Week

  1. Go to the marina on southside and take a look for the Midnight Shadow, fishing boat made famous on the Coldwater Cowboy show.
  2. Get crafty and select your quilt fabrics at a great quilting store at The Green Thumb. (across from Ultramar)
  3. Grab a capuccino at the Crow's Nest Cafe Wed. 7pm - 9pm and Friday 10am - 8 pm and Sunday 10am to 5pm
  4. Look for the geo-cache at the Top of Twillingate.
  5. Watch the fishing boats navigate their way out trough the pack ice in the harbour.
  6. Hike to the Sleepy Cove from the Long Point Lighthouse and see an old copper mine.
  7. Get your photo with the Moose on the Loose at Auk Island Winery
  8. Taste your way through Newfoundland Berries at the Auk Island Winery
  9. Take a walk on the Wild Side!  Visit Wild Cove beach with your camera and... perhaps...snap an iceberg.
  10. Catch the sunset at Back Harbour beach.
  11. Photograph some of our heritage buildings
  12. Explore the root cellars in Twillingate.  There are more than 232 to locate and photograph.
  13. Take a hike in Little Harbour to the Natural Arch and look for Keefe's Root Cellar
  14. Visit the Lookout at Long Point Lighthouse and look out over the North Atlantic
  15. Keep your eyes open for osprey, gannets, otters, whales (yes, there may be some!) and rabbits.
  16. Start the morning with bacon and eggs at R&J's Family Restaurant or fish and chips for lunch.
  17. Watch a game at Captain's Pub or shoot a round of pool or darts with the locals.
  18. Take yourself on an "Artist's Date" to the Great Canadian Dollar Store - it is $1 heaven!