Amber Retreat & Above The Tickle, Twillingate, Newfoundland

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The Blue Barrel Gallery Cafe at the Anchor Inn Hotel is a great spot for original art and art reproductions as well as specialty coffees and home baked goodies.

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Twillingate is a wonderfully charming island community located on Newfoundland's northeast coast, just at the entrance to Notre Dame Bay. It is one of Newfoundland's oldest seaports and during the 1800's was the most active and prosperous community in northeastern Newfoundland.

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Iceberg Capital of the World

Known as the iceberg capital of the world, Twillingate is a prime spot for viewing giant icebergs between May and July each year. Daily boat tours will make this a close encounter and a photographer’s delight.

Islands Connected by Bridges

Twillingate is an island off the coast of Newfoundland off the coast of Canada. Today it is connected to Newfoundland by a series of bridges and causeways, creating one of the province’s most scenic routes. The town is about 100 kilometers north of Lewisporte and Gander.

From Cod Community to Tourism Town

This town of about 2,500 people once thrived on the cod fishery. Since the cod moratorium in 1992 tourism has become one of the main industries of Twillingate’s economy. A visit to this breathtaking spot will quickly confirm why: unspoiled hiking and walking trails, the famous summer Fish Fun and Folk Festival, concerts and theatre, picturesque coves, inlets, beaches, fishing flakes and stages, warm and friendly people and late summer and early fall berry picking all create a wonderful holiday experience.

Ancient Beothuk Roots

Archeological discoveries confirm that Twillingate and the region were home to the now extinct native Beothuk nation and relics can be viewed  at the Twillingate Museum, the Beothuk Interpretation Centre and, if you know what to look for, along the beaches and coastline that was once home to the ancestors of Shawnadithit and Mary March.

Communities and Amenities

Twillingate include two municipalities, the Town of Twillingate and the Town of Crow Head. Twillingate has a fish plant, hospital, fire department, stadium, swimming pool, marine service centre, trailer park and campground, hardware store, clothing store, liquor store, winery, seniors home, two banks, schools, super markets, two pharmacies, three boat tours, garages, seven churches, hiking trails and several convenience stores.

Twillingate Island is composed of several communities.